Cloud Computing

Prakash Software Pvt. Ltd. I.T infrastructure services given to the customers by permitting them to delegate the responsibility for management and performance of their I.T infrastructure to Prakash Software Pvt. Ltd.

Our proficiency in Cloud Computing leads people to know better what exactly the Cloud Computing is. “Cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet”. We are also experts in the construction of critical infrastructure solutions based on Open Source.

We have Insightful experience in design, development, and application of enterprise level solutions proved by successful projects execution and our customer’s feedback with Wide technology stack.

Amongst these infrastructure services we offer is Cloud Computing Services.

Cloud Computing is a form of computing in which all applications, information, and resources, is managed in a virtual environment. If we learn the meaning of cloud computing, then precisely the use of the word “cloud,” it means to symbolize the nature and structure of cloud computing. Cloud computing is allowing users to connect to the services hosted on the internet.

Our Cloud Frame Management services make available scalability to businesses through enabling I.T resources to be merged, whereby multiple users can share a common infrastructure without sacrificing the security of each user’s data. This allows reducing operational and future costs.

You may be having challenges on the Low scalability of I.T infrastructure hinders the growth of your business, Lack of skilled I.T resources, Need for seamless mobile access to your I.T infrastructure, I.T support failover increase, I.T budgets reduction, or Service delivery time reduction, etc.

Prakash cloud will enable you to quickly deploy infrastructure services on your facilities or in a 3rd party data centre to be sure that your services will work without downtime.

At Prakash Software Pvt. Ltd., we provide excellent cloud services like Cloud Migration, Cloud consulting, Cloud Adoption, Cloud Infrastructure Design and Development, Cloud Infrastructure Administration and Maintenance, Private and Hybrid Cloud Integration, development and support across the globe i.e. USA, Germany, Netherlands etc.

Cloud Consulting

Whether you are starting your new business or you’re having the old one, Prakash Software Pvt. Ltd. can help you in optimizing your IT environment so that you can take the full advantage of cloud services. You can get an expert advice across the private, hybrid and public sector to help you in choosing the right cloud services.

Cloud Adoption

Due to various security concerns, many businesses are all set to jump onto the cloud services. Indeed, By 2016 cloud computing has become the bulk new IT Spend. To face this growth in implementation of cloud, Companies are now adopting a number of factors with the increased benefits.

Cloud Development

How will you be able to develop the applications that are scalable and have high availability? For this purpose, you are required to use fast and reliable cloud services. You are required to add servers or you can increase the capacities of the existing one. You can shift the responsibility of handling the infrastructure of cloud to our company. We are here for you to manage your server’s infrastructure.

Cloud Support

Prakash Software Pvt. Ltd. provides support for all cloud customers. We’ll help you in upgrading your solution, Online knowledge about a cloud. You can directly communicate with our cloud experts to get full support. We ensure that we’ll provide you with the best support service for every problem related to cloud.

We at PSSPL offer following services

  • Cloud Migration
  • Identity Management
  • Custom Apps Development
  • Custom Website Development
  • Cloud Infrastructure Development
  • Cloud Data and Business Intelligence

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