SharePoint Development

SharePoint is a web-based, collective platform that fit in with Microsoft Office. SharePoint is mainly sold as a document management and storage system, but the product is highly configurable, and usage varies substantially between organizations. It is a useful tool to enhance and streamline your business in so many different ways.

Prakash Software drives dedicated consultancy services on SharePoint and if you use our service, you will be surprised of how this latest technological tool will help in running your businesses with lots of ease and discipline.

This great service from Prakash Software is the ultimate collaboration tool that can improve your teamwork performance, develop your business insights by sharing and managing contents, knowledge, and applications to enable teamwork, swiftly find information, and faultlessly cooperate with each other across the organization.

Our SharePoint Competence

Our team of experts is excellent and efficient in various SharePoint services to give our clients best services, such as in SharePoint Development, Office 365 Development, SharePoint Add-in / App, SharePoint Designer, SharePoint UI / UX Design and Branding, SharePoint Administration, SharePoint Document Management, Search Based Solutions, Enterprise Content Management,

Workflow Development, SharePoint App / Add-in development, Business connectivity Service, Business Intelligence (BI).

Selecting SharePoint as your communal platform, you will surely get a whole set of implements that hit several goals at the same time: to manage straightforward workflows, stimulate human collaboration, increase the quality of working process and raise employees’ productivity.

Our Full-Scale Services

At Prakash software, our team of SharePoint professionals invites you to exploit their SharePoint skills with the maximum Benefit for your enterprise. We will help you get the best of SharePoint solutions by providing the full cycle of SharePoint consulting, customization and support services for projects of various complexity, in Workflow customization (using SharePoint designer and Visual Studio),Web part development, UX design and branding, Site definitions, Content types,

Authentication model (forms/windows/claim based authentication),Timer jobs & Event handlers, Enterprise Search, Optimization of SharePoint storage, Third party web part and toolkit integration, SharePoint 2013 / 2010 Development, SharePoint Online (Office 365) Development, SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, and Nintex, Architecture, Performance, and Security.

Also included in these skills are: Infrastructure Support, System Administration, Taxonomy and Metadata Management, Integration with Microsoft Office, Business Intelligence and Reporting, Dashboards, Payment gateway integration with SharePoint, Shopping cart solutions, Visual Studio, and C#, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS and HTML, Single page apps using AngularJS/Angular 2.0/Angular 4.0,etc.

Business Process Automation.

Business process automation is said to be a machinery that helps automation of events or services that accomplish a particular function or workflow.

As most IT systems are inherently automation engines in themselves, a valid option is to extend their functionality to enable the desired automation, creating customized linkages between the disparate application systems where needed, this can be determined for many different segments of company activities, including sales, management, operations, supply chain, human resources, and information technology.

Prakash software’s teams of consultants have the skills, methods, and tools to help the client in adapting to the market Demand and building up revenue through business process automation. We back up our services on this with multi-years expertise on BPA with a speciality on Intranet Solutions, Workflow solutions, Site Branding, Search solution, Integration with other products, InfoPath Forms, XSLT based form based solutions, Migration, Business process automation solutions, BI solutions, SharePoint apps / Add-Ins, etc. and they show at every project.

Domains And Projects We Have Worked On

Prakash software professionals have been delivering all-around SharePoint development services to make available to our customers with User-Friendly, feature-rich SharePoint applications. Taking advantage of SharePoint’s flexibility, we create solutions that invite users to collaborate and help thousands of employees to fulfil their tasks successfully.

Our team of Microsoft-certified experts has already accomplished many SharePoint projects of different scale and complexity for the customers in Collaboration portals, Knowledge Management Systems, SharePoint Intranet Portals, B2B Portals, Business Analytics, SharePoint Migrations Projects, Human Resources, Finance, and Accounting, etc.

SharePoint Consulting

Microsoft Sharepoint is a Web Application Platform for different organizations to retrieve and share information over the internet in a powerful way. As Built on robust Microsoft Platform, it is highly configurable and usage varies substantially between organizations.

Many Organizations uses Sharepoint Platform for Document and Records Management, Intranet and Extranet Portals, Collaboration, Social Networks, ERP/CRM Integrated Frameworks, Enterprise Research etc. As a Professional Microsoft Sharepoint development company, we help enterprises in making Sharepoint as a strategic platform for CMS and portals.

Our consulting team has prior experience in Microsoft Sharepoint services that solve complex business challenges for organizations across the world. We provide end-to-end solutions for Sharepoint app development and deployment in order to enhance flexibility and enlarge your business scale.

App & Adding Development

Apps and add-ins are components that are hosted outside of SharePoint, such as a secluded web application or the database, are not included in the package and are deployed separately from the add-in package. (However, the add-in manifest does specify the URLs of the remote components.) Add-in packages can also include Office Add-ins.

The firmest way to improve user experience and to lengthen the competences of your SharePoint solution is to enrich it with handy SharePoint add-ins that will help you meet employees’ growing demands and increase your solution’s value.

prakash software development team has always been working on new proprietary add-ins that will help you to make your SharePoint solution more interactive and offer a new user experience.

You are welcome to use our proprietary apps and adds-in to diversify your everyday SharePoint activities.

Portal Development

Prakash software’s have remained a provider of custom SharePoint portals for several years now. Presently, our services include portal Solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint On-Premises, SharePoint Online, Office 365, etc. As a Microsoft, five stars rated Collaboration and Content Competency partner, Prakash strives to create robust, scalable and engaging solutions. Our aim is to support both internal and external clients in their daily activities and also connect employees working on different devices from various locations and time zones.

Our portfolio includes SharePoint portals tuned to diverse collaboration needs of organizations all over the world.

Engaged on commercial goals of our clients, we clout SharePoint competencies and improve the platform to fit different Organizational Contexts We develop, customize, test and support on-premises, cloud and hybrid SharePoint intranets that help our customers address a variety of collaboration challenges.

Our portfolio includes SharePoint portals tuned to diverse collaboration needs of organizations all over the world.

Engaged on commercial goals of our clients, we clout SharePoint competencies and improve the platform to fit different Organizational Contexts. We develop, customize, test and support on-premises, cloud and hybrid SharePoint intranets that help our customers address a variety of collaboration challenges.

SharePoint Internal Portal

We build custom SharePoint intranets to enable enterprise extensive teamwork and expedite internal business processes.

We focus on keeping the right balance between SharePoint features that enable working activities and those that foster Social life, engage employees and promote corporate values. With this in mind, we provide users with a comprehensive set of tools to help them excel in their work with less effort and time, as well as tailor relevant social features to let your staff feel a part of a dynamic and integrated community.

SharePoint B2B Portal

We help establishments create long-term relationships with their hawkers and business partners, facilitating secure Multilateral collaboration on SharePoint-based B2B portals. Our portals connect internal and external users on a single communication platform and let them collaborate on various types of content, stay tuned for ongoing projects, co-work to get tasks done faster and benefit from co-innovation.

SharePoint Customer Portal

Being experienced in SharePoint consulting and client experience management, Prakash Software provides SharePoint-based Customer portals for large and medium-sized organizations. Built with SharePoint out-of-the-box and custom features, our customer portals help organizations facilitate and personalize B2C communication, engage customers and win their loyalty, as well as follow customers’ needs and address them with suitable services and products.

SharePoint Learning Portal

We build specialized SharePoint learning portals to simplify internal and external learning processes. These fine-tuned portals equip users with diversified learning materials and training sessions, learning analytics, competence management Capabilities and more. By means of learning portals, organizations can not just cope with all the learning activities, but also implement personalized training programs, control employees’ development and cultivate the staff’s unique skills and knowledge.

SharePoint Community Portal

We create fully-functional portals for internal and external communities that unite individuals with shared expertise, Knowledge domain or sphere of interests. Developing communal portals, we highlight features that support effective content management, power users’ communication and ensure community members’ engagement on a collaboration platform.

SharePoint Knowledge Management Portal

Prakash software develops knowledge management solutions based on our proprietary knowledge management framework to let Organizations benefit from their explicit and tacit knowledge. Our portals can work as the basis of an enterprise-wide Information management program or support particular knowledge management initiatives. Relying on SharePoint-based solutions, organizations can enrich their knowledge continuously and apply it successfully in business activities, thus overcoming competitors and improving service and product quality.

Custom SharePoint Portals

Prakash Software combines industry expertise with an in-depth knowledge of SharePoint to deliver end-to-end industry-specific portals. We’ve built up our competencies in the following domains: Collaboration portals, Knowledge Management Systems, SharePoint Intranet Portals, B2B Portals, Business Analytics, SharePoint Migrations Projects, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, etc.

While developing SharePoint portals, our team focuses on critical factors that ensure long-run viability of the solution and its effective user adoption, such as:

User Convenience

Our SharePoint developers work together with business analysts to create solutions packed with features contributing to users’ Productivity and comfortable collaboration. Our goal is to deliver user-friendly, good-looking portals that assist users wherever they need it and can offer rich functionality on various devices.

Flawless Performance

We do our best to ensure stable and error-free portal performance in different loads. To achieve that, we thoroughly test your portal to guarantee that it behaves as intended, in compliance with all functional requirements and business needs.

Stable Integration

We make sure there is a proper integration of your SharePoint portal with ERP, CRM, and other business resolutions. Our specialists can integrate your portal with the most modern enterprise platforms, such as MS Dynamics CRM, MS Dynamics 365, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, OpenText, etc., as well as with any custom business solution.

Secure Self-Service And Collaboration.

Every customer’s SharePoint portal security is amongst our highest priorities. We pay specific attention to verification Mechanisms ; were allowing users to work and collaborate on the portal securely. We implement Microsoft-enabled security controls and data leak prevention features to minimize the risk of security breaches and data losses.

SharePoint-Related Challenges.

We as well help organizations in crafting a unique responsive design of their SharePoint solutions, applying corporate identity and bringing custom add-ins.

You are welcome to contact our SharePoint consultants who will put together your preferences, concepts, and requirements For a SharePoint portal. Our team will come up with a detailed vision of your future solution that will serve your internal and external users devotedly.

Business Intelligence

Prakash Software offers end-to-end Business Intelligence (BI) services to convert raw data into meaningful, reliable and Consistent insight. We help our Customers stay on top of the information while implementing strategies or evaluating business performance.

Prakash works in the area of BI & Data Science for some years now, and has a rich scientific background and contributed To several valued patents in artificial intelligence and pattern recognition. BI products created by prakash are widely used in various industries.

We make use of Microsoft SQL Server, MicroStrategy, IBM Cognos with other platforms to assist you in cutting costs, benefit from data-driven Decision making as well as identifies new business opportunities. prakash info tech works with companies across multiple industries including retail & wholesale, entertainment & leisure, manufacturing, and others.

We propose business intelligence that will let you to remove guesswork, get satisfactory responses to your business questions, get key business metrics reports, get insight into consumer behavior, determine cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, streamline operations, adjust production for greater profitability, improve inventory management.

Workflow Development

In the life of any mid-sized company, there comes the moment when day-to-day workflows start to slip from its employees’ Attention and this is a disturbing sign they need to be structured. That’s not a natural moment as in a split second, the dilemma arises: to choose a complicated and expensive workflow management tool or to stay with the familiar, cost-Effective and agile email? What to do if your email-based system turns to be exhausted but custom solutions are too complex?, make SharePoint your ship captain that will bring you to the right choice.

Furthermore, SharePoint workflows are known to be pre-programmed mini-applications that streamline and automate a wide variety of business processes.

The Manager add-in is a useful tool for handling the workflows on your site. The solution has the following features: List of the website workflows, Filtering the records by name, Filtering the workflow instances by status and definition name, Possibility to resume/suspend workflow instances, Bulk operations: resume and suspend selected instances a fast view of error notifications Links to the workflow instances page with all details, etc.

Prakash software offers a SharePoint Workflow Manager add-in which is useful for managing the workflows on SharePoint portal.

Web Part Development

A Web Part is a modular unit of information that forms the core building block of a Web Part Page. You can add Web Parts to Web Part zones in a Web Part Page and then customize the individual Web Parts to create a unique page for your site users.

In making use of web parts, you can change the content, appearance, and performance of pages of a SharePoint site by using a browser.

They are server side panels that run inside a web part page, they are the structure blocks of pages that appear on a SharePoint site.

At Prakash software, we develop web parts that will enable Customers to make advertisements more eye-catching for their website users.

SharePoint Migration

Fixing production mistakes is harder than doing the job correctly from the very beginning. When choosing between making significant updates to a marketing text, while still keeping the main idea, and re-writing the pitch from scratch, you’re marketing person is more likely to choose the latter option.

SharePoint migrations can be complicated, but they don’t always have to be. If you are consolidating content into an existing environment or doing any other thing, you need a solution that can remove the complexity of your migration.

Remaking your website to keep up with the latest trends conveys both indisputable benefits and significant risks. The foremost challenge here is to migrate your content, which often seems to be a more expensive activity than creating the website from scratch.

Once it arises to website redesign, it makes sense to differentiate structured data like meta tags, titles, and descriptions From unstructured data, or user-generated content. While the previous can be migrated with the help of programming, the latter Is far more delicate and needs a human touch, and there comes the challenging part.

That is why at Prakash Software, we use both programming and manual approach to preserve the content and make sure that It looks professional with the new design. But before doing this, we take our time to delve deep into our clients’ content to let them know about the possible stumbling blocks and how to overcome them efficiently.

SharePoint Framework Development

SharePoint Framework is a Page and Part model that facilitates customer side improvement for building SharePoint experiences. It facilitates easy integration with the SharePoint data and provides support for open source tooling development.

Increasing the SharePoint framework apps is possible across diverse OS platforms through installing the light load tools on any platform and that opens the way for developers to form applications on any platforms.

In the automated process, SharePoint framework uses the generator from Yeoman to creates the skeleton for the SharePoint and that same generator installs all required dependency packages to the development folder and configures the automated tasks. Gulp handled the tasks and automated the compile, build, run and packaging the solution.

Prakash Software is poised to development SharePoint frameworks for your business.

SharePoint Branding

This is the act of building a particular image that people identify with your company. SharePoint Labeling consists of The colours, fonts, logos, and supporting graphics that make up the general appearance and feel of a company or corporate website.

It’s said that the prettiest picture wins the funding, Prakash info tech has the great team of branding professionals, with a classic touch to give your company branding a touch of excellence.

You don’t have to stick to SharePoint’s default design when you can make it your own. Our team of web designers and developers will mould your solution according to your company style and your requirements, taking into consideration the latest web design trends. We will help you create personalized company brands, master web pages, and page layouts to add dynamic elements and custom navigation.

Our development team has steadily been working on new proprietary branding that will help you to make your SharePoint a solution more interactive and offer a new customer experience.

Thinking Of Every SharePoint Aspect?

At Prakash software, one of our most important objectives while deploying a SharePoint solution is to ensure its stable operation For many years ahead. To surety the sustainability of the solutions we provide, our SharePoint team sticks to the succeeding key points:


We apply user-centric approach at all stages of SharePoint development watching over every implemented feature that should Facilitate working process. As enthusiastic SharePoint geeks, we never forget our top perquisites such as customer experience And adoption.,attractive SharePoint UI, quick response time, handy SharePoint add-ins, engaging sites, user-friendly mobile versions are not just concepts for us but indispensable parts of every successful SharePoint project.


We are aware that SharePoint performance is the basic to users’ high efficiency and good buy . For this purpose we thoroughly test Our solutions before their official launch to ensure smooth and error-free operation. To prevent issues, we check your solution’s architecture, data structure and its compliance with Microsoft recommendations, analyze custom code and the web parts to reveal errors.

In our practice, Prakash apply the proprietary SharePoint Health Check methodology to get a comprehensive picture of the solution’s functionality and pinpoints possible problems.


To ensure your data protection and to avoid the system’s vulnerability, Prakash info tech uses Microsoft best practices and proprietary tools to protect your SharePoint solution from both internal and external threats by aligning user permissions and access rights with the company’s security policy, ensuring that custom web parts and apps do not contain

errors that cause system breaches, developing custom security token services to provide you with non-standard protection tools, such as the two-factor authentication.

Feel like going for SharePoint development?, get in touch with our dedicated team that is always ready and available to give you a free consultation, provide a proof of idea and to transforms your requirements into a fine-tailored SharePoint solution.

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