What Is Bot?

Automated interactions with people in real time. Bot defines a new era of Human computer communication. Bot would simplify the task of performing the same operations numerous time.

For Instance, a bot can send you a message informing you about an important email that you have received.

How Bot Is Helpful?

  • You can reach to large scale audience without the other person being physically present. Saving a lot of time for solving small queries such as someone asking, “What is my account Balance?”. If you have a bot installed you don’t require someone to answer such a small question, considering on large scale it would make a standout impact on your time. A scenario where you might lose your business of being a person not available to answer the question would be nil.
  • Quick Replies from bots would yield a great benefit for your business because bots never sleep!!!

Hello LUIS

At Prakash we are committed to walk with hand in hand with new technology and so here comes LUIS- An Artificial Intelligence coding language that translates your speech to code.

Let’s delve into what exactly LUIS will do. LUIS will convert human language into language that computer would understand. LUIS uses Microsoft bot Framework.

We are in inception of developing a BOT which would be compatible with Microsoft Teams and identify whether a document is tag or not, if not we can have a tag for the same.

Tasks Taken Off By Bot – Easing The SharePoint Online Library Documents Management:

  1. Fetch All Documents In Library – With link to open and button to add keyword on each
  2. Fetch Only Untagged Documents In Library
  3. Extensively Search Library – with criteria like – keyword, Documents modified after/between dates, authored by a particular user, modified by a particular user – along with combinations of criteria

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