Dec 4, 2017

At the beginning of 2016, virtual reality is preparing to reach the general public. Driven by the biggest brands in the industry, it offers unique development opportunities that can boost the mobile application market by itself.

A communication tool soon available to all

If virtual reality is still strongly assimilated to the world of video games, it is likely to become a tool with much wider applications and more easily accessible.

Virtual RealityMark Zuckeberg, head of the launch of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, is convinced that virtual reality has “the potential to change the way we work, play and communicate”.

The goal is to democratize this technology to make it accessible to as many people, without imposing the purchase of a virtual reality headset. As proof, his company would work, still very confidentially, on a virtual reality application, allowing the reading of spherical videos and giving users the ability to change what they see, by swiveling or tilting their phone

An opening also advocated by Google through its Cardboard, a cardboard device that allows, using a Smartphone and a dedicated mobile application, to experience a virtual reality.

Finally, although very discreet on this sector, Apple would also be very active on virtual reality and would be very interested in its potential, especially in terms of mobile applications.

The prospects of mobile applications associated with virtual reality

The democratization of virtual reality offers very broad development perspectives for both mobile brand applications but also for the mobile user through the various sectors to which it can be applied such as:

  • The game: this one is currently the most prominent use of virtual reality. Applied to a mobile application, it can then bring a total immersion in the game and therefore a new experience in mobile gaming.
  • Tourism: visiting a country, a city, a tourist site or even a monument are all applications that can be developed through virtual reality and can be used by a mobile application for promotional purposes.
  • Communication: Developing a virtual reality mobile app can also help brands distinguish themselves in their communication and get in touch with the user in a whole new way. Virtual reality can then hope to improve its reception to the message sent, while optimizing its commitment considerably.

While virtual reality is still in its infancy, this one nevertheless allows glimpsing a very wide potential for the mobile applications as its uses can be applied to many sectors while bringing to the user a unique experience. The coming of the many virtual reality projects to the general public should also make this technology more accessible.

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