WordPress: That’s 3 Master Cards for your Agency
Nov 21, 2017

WordPressShopify, Squarespace or Medium, turnkey e-commerce solutions, but given the costs, and incompatibilities, service requests are far from satisfied.

This is one of the reasons why WordPress chose to enter the race for the big, especially in the online business dedicated to web or communication agencies. In a rather advanced context, WordPress 3 assets that your agency will benefit using WordPress.

  1. Speed of a production of marketing sites

Not to mention the many themes, and plug-ins to enrich the features that will be useful for your online business, WP Engine or the optimization of WordPress for companies will help you develop customer sites including portals staged in little of time. Developers will immediately understand that this is a daunting task, requiring more time to complete.

  1. A prompt prototyping tool

To realize a new point technology of the web, it is essential to create a basic natural environment: prototyping. It is not so easy to simulate a prototyping scenario for a new E-marketing campaign. For a good alternative, WordPress offers you the possibility to quickly deliver prototypes of previous projects and to anticipate the possibilities of the CMS.

  1. Join the Front-end Team

What does that mean? WordPress is a CMS that includes the REST API. During the execution of a project from your clients, your team must understand the basic principles of the API. In parallel, personalized front-end and powered by Angular will allow you to have an excellent approach to satisfy your customers.

Why should WordPress be used at the time of building Website?

  • Mobile friendly structure
  • SEO friendly up to 99%
  • Easily Generate XML sitemap
  • Multiple hosting availabilities
  • Easy Customization
  • Fast loading Speed
  • Easy to Manage
  • Built-in functionality
  • Code quality
  • Support and community of experienced WordPress developers
  • Time-saving, efficient development, speed and ease of development

Prakash Software offers you various WordPress Development services such as CMS Solution, Blog Development, and Theme Development.


Whether you’re interested in working with us or for us, we are always happy to chat. Do you want to build something great together?

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